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Publications, which involve applied statistics, from researchers associated to the laboratory:


  • Arndal MF, Tolver A, Schmidt IK, Larsen KS, Beier C (2017). Fine root growth and vertical distribution in response to  elevated CO2, warming and drought in a mixed heathland-grassland. Accepted for Ecosystems.
  • Xu H, Andersson AM, Ragonnaud E, Boilesen D, Tolver A,  Jensen BAH, Nicosia A, Folgori A, Colloca S, Cortese R, Thomsen AR, Christensen JP, Veazey RS, Holst PJ (2017). Vaccination with MHC class II associated Invariant chain linked tat, vif, rev and vpr confers protection against SIV mac251 challenge. EBioMedicine, 18, pp. 204-215.
  • M Hollmer, JL Willesen, A Tolver, J Koch (2017). Left atrial volume and function in dogs with naturally occurring myxomatous mitral valve disease. Journal of Veterinary Cardiology, 19, 24-34.
  • P. Elsborg, J. M. Wikman, G. Nielsen, A. Tolver, A.-M. Elbe (2017). Development and Initial Validation of the Volition in Exercise Questionnaire (VEQ) Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science, 21, 57-68. DOI: 10.1080/1091367X.2016.1251436
  • SJ Traving, O Rowe, NM Jakobsen, H Sørensen, J Dinasquet, CA Stedmon, A Andersson, L Riemann (2017). The effect of increased loads of dissolved organic matter on estuarine microbial community composition and function. Frontiers in Microbiology, 8, Article 351. DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.00351


  • S.J. Traving, M. Bentzon-Tilia, H. Knudsen-Leerbeck, M. Mantikci, J.L.S. Hansen, C.A. Stedmon, H. Sørensen, S. Markager, L. Riemann (2016). Coupling bacterioplankton populations and environment to community function in coastal temperate waters. Frontiers in Microbiology (Aquatic Microbiology), 7, Article 1533. DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.01533
  • Bjerre E, Bruun DM, Tolver A, Brasso K, Krustrup P, Johansen C, Christensen R, Rørth M, Midtgaard J (2016). Effectiveness of community-based football compared to usual care in men with prostate cancer: protocol for a randomised, controlled, parallel-group, multi-centre superiority trial. BMC Cancer, 16(1):767.
  • R Asare, RA Asare, WA Asante, B Markussen, A Ræbild (2016): Influences of shading and fertilization on on-farm yields of cocoa in Ghana. Experimental Agriculture, 1-16. doi:10.1017/S0014479716000466
  • LM Jensen, B Markussen, NI Nielsen, E Nadeau, MR Weisbjerg, P Nørgaard (2016). Description and evaluation of a net energy intake model as a function of dietary chewing index. J. Dairy Sci., 99, 1-17. DOI:
  • M Höllmer, JL Willesen, A Tolver, J Koch (2016): Comparison of four echocardiographic methods to determine left atrial size in dogs. Journal of Veterinary Cardiology 18, 137–145.
  • Petersen, MB; Tolver, A; Husted, L; Tølbøll, TH; Pihl, TH (2016). Repeated measurements of blood lactate concentration as a prognostic marker in horses with acute colitis evaluated with classification and regression trees (CART) and random forest analysis. The Veterinary Journal, 213, 18-23.
  • J Geldmann, J Heilmann-Clausen, TE Holm, I Levinsky, B Markussen, K Olsen, C Rahbek, AP Tøttrup (2016). What determines spatial bias in citizen science? Exploring four recording schemes with different proficiency requirements. Diversity and Distributions, 22, 1139-1149. doi:10.1111/ddi.12477
  • C Heimes, N Agerbirk, H Sørensen, T van Molken, TP Hauser (2016): Ecotypic differentiation of two sympatric chemotypes of Barbarea vulgaris (Brassicaceae) with different biotic resistances. Plant Ecology, 217, 1055-1068. DOI: 10.1007/s11258-016-0631-8.
  • S Christensen, H Sørensen, KR Munk, TP Hauser (2016): A hybridisation barrier between two evolutionary lineages of Barbarea vulgaris (Brassicaceae) that differ in biotic resistances. Evolutionary Ecology, 30, 887-904. DOI: 10.1007/s10682-016-9858-z
  • JS Madsen, HL Røder, J Russel, H Sørensen, M Burmølle, Sørensen (2016): Co-existence facilitates interspecific biofilm formation in complex microbial communities. Environmental Microbiology, 18, 2565-2574. DOI: 10.1111/1462-2920.13335.


  • MG Ruse, LR Søndergaard, S Ditlevsen, M Damgaard, S Fuglsang, JT Ottesen, JL Madsen: Absorption and initial metabolism of 75Se-L-selenomethionine: a kinetic model based on dynamic scintigraphic data. British Journal of Nutrition, 114:1718-1723, 2015. 
  • E Garde, SH Hansen, S Ditlevsen, KB Tvermosegaard, K Harding, J Hansen and MP Heide-Jørgensen: Life history parameters of narwhals from Greenland. Journal of Mammalogy, 96(4):866-879, 2015. 
  • MV Nielsen, E Nadeau, B Markussen, M Eknæs, P Nørgaard: Relationship between energy intake and chewing index of diets fed to pregnant ewes. Small Rudiment Research, vol 130, pp 108-116, 2015.
  • LM Jensen, NI Nielsen, E Nadeau, B Markussen, P Nørgaard: Evaluation of five models predicting feed intake by dairy cows fed total mixed rations, Livestock Science, vol. 176, pp. 91–103, 2015.
  • Løppenthin, K., Esbensen, B. A., Østergaard M., Jennum, P., Tolver, A., Aadahl M., Thomsen, T. & Midtgaard, J.: Physical Activity and the Association with Fatigue and Sleep in Danish Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rheumatology International, to appear.
  • A Tnibar, H Schougaard, L Camitz, J Rasmussen, M Koene, W Jahn, B Markussen: An intern multi-centre prospective study on the fficacy of an intraarticular polyacrylamide hydrogel in horses with ostearthritis: a 24 months follow-up. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica, 57:20, 2015.
  • K Løppenthin, BA Esbensen, P Jennum, M Østergaard, A Tolver, T Thomsen, J Midtgaard: Sleep quality and correlated of poor sleep in patients with rheumatoid arthrisis. Clinical Rheumatology, to appear.
  • Z.H.N. Bouda, J.Bayala, J.S. Jensen, B. Markussen, A. Ræbild: Reactions of Adansonia digitata L. provenances to long-term stress at seedling stage. Agroforestry Systems, 89: 113-123, 2015.
  • M Oelofse, B Markussen, L Knudsen, K Schelde, JE Olesen, L Stoumann Jensen, S Bruun: Do soil organic carbon levels affect potentiel yields and nitrogen use efficiency? An analysis of winter wheat and spring barley field trials. European Journal og Agronomy, 66: 62-73, 2015.
  • P. Khanal, A.M.D. Axel, A.H. Kongsted, S.V. Husted, L. Johnsen, D. Pandey, M. Birtwistle, B. Markussen, H.N. Kadarmideen, M.O. Nielsen: Late gestation under- and overnutrition have differential impacts when combined with a post-natal obesogenic diet on glucose-lactate-insulin adaptations during metabolic challenges in adolescent sheep. Acta Physiologica, 213: 519-536, 2014.
  • H. Mathiasen, H. Sørensen, J. Bligaard, P. Esbjerg: Effect of temperature on reproduction and embryonic development of the cabbage stem flea beetle. Journal of Applied Entomology, to appear. DOI: 10.1111/jen.12201
  • M. Prem, H.C.B. Hansen, W. Wenzel, L. Heiberg, H. Sørensen, O.K. Borggaard: High spatial and fast changes of iron redox state and phosphorus solubility in a seasonally flooded temerate wetland soil. Wetlands, forthcoming. DOI 10.1007/s13157-014-0608-0


  • Byskov, M. V., Schulze, A-K. S., Weisbjerg, M. R., Markussen, B. & Nørgaard, P: Recording rumination time by a rumination monitoring system in Jersey heifers fed grass/clover silage and hay at three freeding levels. Journal of Animal Science, 92, 1110-1118, 2014.
  • M. Trøseid, S. Ditlevsen, T. Hviid, J. Gerstoft, T. Grøndahl Hansen, B. Klarlund Pedersen, S. Dam Nielsen, B. Lindegaard. Reduced trunk fat and triglycerides after strength training are associated with reduced LPS levels in HIV-infected individuals. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 66(2): e52-e54, 2014. 
  • R Langhorn, I Tarnow, J Willesen, M Kjelgaard-Hansen, I Skovgaard, J Koch: Cardiac troponin I and T as prognostic markers in cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Journal of veterinary internal medicine / American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 28, 1485-1491, 2014. 
  • T Lygren, S Hansen, H Langberg, J Fjeldborg, S Jacobsen, MO Nielsen, P Schjerling, B Markussen, PD Thomsen, LC Berg: Serum insulin-like growth factor 1 in the aging horse. Veterinary Clinical Pathology, 43, 557-560, 2014.
  • M. Cramer Pedersen, S. Laugesen Hansen, B. Markussen, L. Arleth, K. Mortensen:  Quantification of the information in small-angle scattering data, J. Appl. Cryst. 47, 2000–2010, 2014.
  • HB Topbjerg, KP Kaminski, B Markussen, K Kørup, KL Nielsen, HG Kirk, MN Andersen, F Liu: Physiological factors affecting intrinsic water use efficiency of potato clones within a dihaploid mapping population under well-watered and drought-stressed conditions. Scientia Horticulturae, 178, 61-69, 2014. 
  • Christensen, J. F., Tolver, A.Jones, Andersen, J. L, Rørth, M., & Daugaard, G.: Resistance Training Does Not Protect Against Increases in Plasma Cytokine Levels Among Germ Cell Cancer Patients During and After Chemotherapy. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism, Vol. 99 (8), pp. 2967-2976, 2014.
  • Christensen, J. F., Jones, L. W., Tolver, A., Andersen, J. L, Adamsen, L., Højman, P., Nielsen, R. H., Rørth, M., & Daugaard, G.: Safety and ecacy of resistance training in germ cell cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy: a randomized controlled trial. British Journal of Cancer, Vol. 111, pp. 8-16, 2014
  • MJ Reiman, JE Møller, J Haggstrøm, B Markussen, AEW Holen, T Falk, LH Olsen. R-R interval variations influence the degree of mitral regurgitation in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease. The Veterinary Journal, 199, 348-354, 2014.
  • S Paul, JF Agger, JS Agerholm, B Markussen. Prevalence and risk factors of Coxiella burnetti seropositivity in Danish beef and dairy cattle at slaughter adjusted for test uncertainty. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 113: 504-511, 2014.
  • AH Kongsted, MP Thygesen, SV Husted, MH Oliver, A Tolver, VG Christensen, JH Nielsen, MO Nielsen. Programming of the glucose-insulin homeostasis: Long-term consequences of prenatal versus early postnatal nutrition insults. Evidence from a sheep model. Acta Physiologica, 210: 84-98, 2014.


  • BL Madsen, VB Matthews, C Brandt, P Hojman, TL Allen, E Estevez, CR Bruce, OH Mortensen, S Syberg, C Rudnicka, J Abildgaard, H Pilegaard, J Hidalgo, S Ditlevsen, TJ alsted, AN Madsen, BK Pedersen, MA Febbraio. Interleukin-18 activates skeletal muscle AMPK and reduces weight gain and insulin resistance in mice. Diabetes 62, 3064-3074, 2013.
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  • NH Nielsen, E Garde, MP Heide-Jørgensen, CH Lockyer, S Ditlevsen, D Olafsdottir, SH Hansen. Application of a novel mehod for age estimation of a baleen whale and a porpoise. Marine Mammal Science, 29(2), E1-E23, 2013.
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  • Forslund A, Ensink JHJ, Markussen B, Battilani A, Psarras G, Gola S et al. Escherichia coli contamination and health aspects of soil and tomatoes (Solamun lycopersicum L.) subsurface drip irrigated with on-site treated domestic wastewater. Water Research. 2012;46(18):5917-5934
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