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Collaboration between the laboratory and other researchers at SCIENCE range from brief guidance to extensive research collaborations. Examples of collaborations of different character:

  • A single or a few meetings where the statistician gives guidance to data analysis,  design of new experiments, relevant parts in manuscripts or referee reports.

  • Projects where statistician carries out analyses and writes relevant parts of the corresponding articles.This can be the case if it assessed to be more appropriate and not too extensive, or if the project is particularly interesting from a statistical point of view.

  • Larger collaborations, for example comprehensive data analyses or development of new statistical methodology. Such projects should typically be co-financed by the client, e.g. with funding from research projects.

  • Co-supervision of PhD students in projects where statistics plays a prominent role.

is natural if the statistician carries out considerable parts of the analyses and participates in the writing of the article. If, on the other hand, the collaboration has only consisted of a few meetings (with no analyses or writing from the statistician), then co-authorship is not natural. See also the
Vancouver Protocol.

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